“Just Another Family” to appear in 2024 Best American Short Stories

I am beyond delighted to announce that my long short story/short novella “Just Another Family” was chosen by her and Lauren Groff for this year’s BEST AMERICAN SHORT STORIES. It appeared in NEW ENGLAND REVIEW in September 2023 and will be published in BASS 2024 in October 2025. Is it also the anchor in my forthcoming story collection, ARE YOU HAPPY? (Astra House, 2025). When my first story appeared in BASS back in 2010, I was at the start of my writing career and everything seemed to be falling in place so easily then, so perhaps I appreciated less the statistical odds stacked against such a thing: how many stories appear in journals in a given year vs just 20 being selected, the chances that a guest judge will be reading that gets your work. All this to say, I do not take it for granted.