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From September 2015

Richard Russo + Me in Conversation: Writers Guild Lit Series!

“Lori Ostlund’s editor asked her to make a list of authors she’d like to write Read More

Profile in the SF Chronicle

“Lori Ostlund is a little tired. Sitting at a small table in Ingleside’s bustling Fog Read More

And an Interview with Kirkus

“You don’t need to know Ostlund’s origins to appreciate the keen realism and legato prose of After the Parade.” Thanks, Megan Labrise at Kirkus, for interviewing me for this Kirkus Feature.

Kirkus: Don’t Overlook After the Parade!

Kirkus Reviews lists 9 books that you shouldn’t overlook, including After the Parade. I so appreciate their support. To see the other 8 titles, go here!

HuffPo Interview

Writing pal Brandi Megan Granett asked me great questions for HuffPo about my thoughts on kindness, our ability to affect the happiness of others, and the importance of teaching in my life. Full interview here.

Interview in Late Night Library

I had so much fun doing this Skype interview with essayist Zhanna Slor a while Read More

Love this review in the San Jose Mercury News

“Among the many fine fiction releases crowding the market this fall, Lori Ostlund’s new novel stands out from the crowd.” To read the full Books by the May review, go here.

Interview on Dead Darlings

Thanks to Marc Foster at Dead Darlings for asking wonderful questions.


Lots of lists, for which I am very appreciative: Buzzfeed: “19 Awesome New Books…” HelloGiggles: Read More

BUSTLE’s Favorite 17 Books of September

This is a wonderful list of books that are coming out this month. “Aaron’s hero’s Read More